Poker may be the overarching name of the game, but within it there are a number of different variants available. Each type of poker showcases different skills, and requires players to learn slightly different rules, though the fundamentals – such as which hand is higher and the way the betting takes place – remain the same. The most common form of poker is Texas Hold’em. This game achieved huge popularity through live showings of poker tournaments in the early 90s, and has remained the most popular option ever since. Its popularity is due in part to its relatively simple set-up and the more basic rules. However, there are a number of other variants that are just as much fun, many of which do not see such comprehensive coverage. One such example is pineapple poker. This version is not often found, even at online casinos. It is very similar to Texas Hold’em in its dealing structure and the betting and blinds, but it is in the number of cards dealt that it deviates from the former. Each player is dealt three cards at the start instead of just two. The player then has to get rid of one of these cards before betting begins and the flop can be done. Even within this game there are slight variants, such as Lazy Pineapple and Tahoe Pineapple. There are a number of other versions of poker, such as seven-card stud, razz, Omaha and more. In some tournaments these are combined to make the game HORSE, which is a combination of five of the main poker versions. This game serves to showcase the all-round skills of the players participating. Usually played near the end of a tournament to weed out the boys from the men, this can also be an entertaining game at home with more experienced friends.