Types of Online Casino Bonuses

The online casino business is booming, with thousands of online providers wanting you to play at their casino. This is great news, because these casinos will compete to ensure you choose them over others. To tempt you over to a particular casino, an online gambling site will offer bonuses. The types of bonuses on offer can be seen below.

Casino Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus, or sign-up bonus, is given when you create an account with an online casino and deposit funds. Many casinos offer bonuses which double the money you deposit, giving you even more funds to play with. Many casinos will offer a fixed amount sign-up bonus. This is a free amount of cash that will be added to your account and will be the same, whatever you deposit.

Monthly Bonus

An online casino will often offer monthly bonuses, and these are paid each month when regular deposits are paid into an online casino account. These bonuses will usually be a fixed amount that will be credited to the account when new funds are added on a regular basis. These bonuses will give you more funds every month to play with, giving you many more hours of fun.

VIP Schemes

A VIP scheme will give you access to benefits and promotions that other players will not get. VIP offers are usually dependent on certain amounts of money being added to the account. VIP offers include special games, higher stakes games and bigger jackpots. There are many other types of bonuses and promotional offers available from online casinos. These offers will give you more exciting game play and even more opportunities to win big cash prizes. The offers provided by casinos will be detailed on their website, and it’s best to browse a few different ones to find the best deals.

Where Do the Best Casino Bonuses Hide?

Online casinos offer a plethora of welcome bonuses to bring in new players. These will greatly vary between casinos so it is important for new players to check out all aspects of a bonus before settling on one. Wagering requirements, maximum deposits, loyalty programs – all differ, so it is important to choose a bonus that focuses on your individual needs as a player. For those of you looking to simply try out different games, it can be worth signing up to a casino that offers free spins. These free spins will be offered on specific slot games only but, at no cost to yourself, will give you some experience. If you are not interested in trying to create any winnings at this time, then this is a great way of getting the feel of a new casino. Similarly, no deposit bonuses can be useful, as a sign-up to the casino will simply pay a small cash bonus into your account which can subsequently be used on any game. Both usually have wagering requirements, but if all you need is some experience, then this won’t matter. For those attempting to start winning, it can be more lucrative to find a match deposit bonus. This requires the player to make an initial deposit to their account, which the casino will match. The money (usually doubled) can be played on any games within the casino. Wagering requirements will apply, so for those of you trying to make some money out of this bonus, it is important to pick a casino with a wagering requirement as low as possible. Somewhere around 30 times is usual, so finding anything lower is a definite plus. Other bonuses can include loyalty and VIP offers but, at the end of the day, it is up to each player to choose the bonus most suited to them.